Our Approach

What Do We Offer?

Our training programs are developed to address specific needs of organizations and the topics are relevant to modern business. JSJ Consultancy Sdn Bhd trainings emphasizes on competency based learning and transfer of training. Therefore they have immediate relevance and benefit to the performance of an organization.

Each of our programs consists of carefully chosen modules to help organizations with accurate, relevant and current information and skills applicable to their business environment. We help train employees and develop their potential in vital soft skills and technical skills covering areas like operations improvement, people management & development and customer management.

Our training programs are well-planned, organized and executed to ensure that every participant would gain the maximum from each training session. With repeated commissioning of programs by organizations, committed and qualified trainers, and valuable quality programs, there can be no doubt on JSJ Consultancy Sdn Bhd’s commitment and credibility in the training industry.