About Katril Group

KATRIL GROUP is an entity formed from a few registered companies controlled by the same company. It was formed in 2019 after the directors started to get involved in a series of business that is inter-related. The owners and directors have put in all the companies and being worked as a group since 2017. It is involved in the property development, construction, education, skill training provider and quick service restaurant (QSR) .

The Group has six companies which provides employment for about 100 people.

Core Values

“Standing out from our competitors and other companies in our space relates to all aspects of our business. We infuse this value into our candidate hiring process, product design, customer service, marketing campaigns, and approach to sales. It’s important that we stand out in order to show originality and authenticity. If we stand out we will be a brand that people remember.”


To be a leading and recognised player in the related field or industry.


To get the companies to be relevant in the related field or industry to get the right workforce to attained the vision, in order to:-